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Forex Quotes
Symbol Bid Ask
EUR/USD 9.8765 9.8765
GBP/USD 9.8765 9.8765
USD/JPY 9.8765 9.8765
USD/CHF 9.8765 9.8765
USD/CAD 9.8765 9.8765
EUR/JPY 9.8765 9.8765
EUR/CHF 9.8765 9.8765
GBP/JPY 9.8765 9.8765
GBP/CHF 9.8765 9.8765
GOLD 9.8765 9.8765
Forex News
2024-07-22 12:00:00 GMT+00
Switzerland's M3 Money Supply Witnesses Modest Increase in June 2024

2024-07-22 12:00:00 GMT+00
Malaysia's FX Reserves See Slight Dip to $113.3 Billion in July

2024-07-22 11:24:00 GMT+00
Ryanair Q1 Profit Down On Higher Costs, Weak Fares; Sees Traffic Growth In FY25

2024-07-22 11:02:00 GMT+00
RTX, Airbus Join To Develop Hybrid-electric System For PioneerLab Helicopter Demonstrator

2024-07-22 10:29:00 GMT+00
Sensex, Nifty Marginally Lower In Early Trade; Wipro Shares Down Over 8%

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