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It is impossible to trade successfully without some basic knowledge that will prevent you from losses from the beginning on Forex. To get into all details, you should spend some time on studying trading basics. Every trader should know what risks and advantages they will face working on the forex market. To become a successful trader and to trade effectively, you can start exploring Forex from the very basics. Below is the list of articles that will let you study the grounds of work with trading methods and instruments, and gain an insight into Forex. You should remember that there is no simple answer on how to become a successful trader. However, knowledge and rational trading approach will help you to achieve real results.

US Dollar Index

The US Dollar Index started in 1973 after the dismantling of the Bretton Woods system. The index is one of the most important financial instruments on Forex. USDX is used both in trading and forecasting… Read more

Risks Diversification

Risks diversification, or in other words risk profile is an integral part of trading on Forex currency market.
It is common knowledge that a currency market often comes into action due to unforeseen… Read more

7 Reasons to Trade on Forex

Below you will find seven reasons why it is worth trading on Forex international currency market:

  1. The market working hours is 24/5. Trading positions are opened at 7 a.m. on Monday… Read more

Advantages of Forex Market

What advantages does Forex market have compared to other types of investments?
International currency exchange market Forex is the most dynamically developing market among all financial markets in… Read more

Forex Market Work Schedule

As it is known the international Forex market works round the clock 5 days a week excluding the national holidays when the banks do not work. Due to this in each hour zone there are institutes buying… Read more

Does Forex Investment Exist

For sure, everybody knows what the term “investment” means, but let us to specify the meaning of this word one more time. Investment is the commitment of capital in different business projects in… Read more

How to Choose a Broker

Choosing a broker is important and critical moment. Nowadays there are a lot of companies which provide access to the international exchange market Forex.
All companies which provide services on… Read more

What is the Benefit of Working on Forex

Today investing in the international market Forex is one of the most promising and profitable kinds of activity. Market investing is of great profit-yielding potential. However, not all the traders understand… Read more

Choose Forex

From the very establishment of Forex market all traders divided into two parts – those who consider Forex to be a gamble, and those who are confident in that the currency market is a serious business.… Read more

What is Forex

Forex - FOReign Exchange –Forex market is a financial market where participants may execute currency purchase and sales transactions according to the marketing rates. Forex unites the banks participants… Read more
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EUR/USD 9.8765 9.8765
GBP/USD 9.8765 9.8765
USD/JPY 9.8765 9.8765
USD/CHF 9.8765 9.8765
USD/CAD 9.8765 9.8765
EUR/JPY 9.8765 9.8765
EUR/CHF 9.8765 9.8765
GBP/JPY 9.8765 9.8765
GBP/CHF 9.8765 9.8765
GOLD 9.8765 9.8765
Forex News
2024-06-17 21:00:00 GMT+00
Russian GDP Growth Rate Remains Steady at 5.4% in Q2 2024

2024-06-15 03:40:00 GMT+00
TSX Ends Lower Again, Sheds About 1.7% In Week

2024-06-15 02:36:00 GMT+00
FAA Probes Into Counterfeit Titanium Used In Some Boeing, Airbus Planes

2024-06-15 02:18:00 GMT+00
U.S. Stocks Close Little Changed But Post Strong Weekly Gains

2024-06-15 01:28:00 GMT+00
Wells Fargo Fires Employees For Allegedly Faking Work

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